The Magma Torgu are Stone Torgu that adapted to the harsh underground, lava covered caves.


The Magma torgu were very barbaric. They were the first species to invent spaceships, in order to cause chaos across a wider distance. They began the Million Year War by declaring war on all Torgu not of their kind.

Further DocumentationEdit

This is the sheet used to create the race.

What are they made of?Edit

Magma Torgu are made of Basalt and dactite, usually    about 55% silicon dioxide.

What environment did it evolve in?Edit

It evolved in a MASSIVE planet millions of times bigger than Earth, with conditions extremely similar to Earth.

How does your creature eat?Edit

It doesn’t, it sucks energy from the air.

How does it reproduce?Edit

When they lose body parts, if they are taken care of, they will turn into other Magma Torgu.

What does it look like?Edit

Levitating body parts, 15 feet tall, made of stone. Dark gray/black with lava ‘tubes’ all over it.

What senses will your creature have?Edit

Sight from it’s 3 eyes. It smells and tastes and hears through it’s mouth. It can feel with it’s body.

Race Name: Magma Torgu

Home Planet: Aka’ii

Breathable Atmosphere's: Any, performs best in air.

Hospitable Environments: Land, underground, in lava or hot places.

Government Type: None, they just naturally get along and agree.

Body Type: Biological, basalt-dactite-silicon dioxide stone.

Technology Level: Seemingly advanced, they are capable of space travel surpassing light speed easily. They possess spitters that spit lava from their wrists.

Race Description: They are 15-20 feet in height. They have a 3rd, human like eye between their two black ones. All body parts are levitating about the body using magnets that push and pull constantly, causing a levitation effect. They are made of rock and magma veins/tubes, gray-black in color and have magma tubes all over their body.

Race History and Bio: The Magma Torgu were stone Torgu who became capable of living in volcanic conditions. They are fond of violence and often tried to fight the ice torgu because they were ‘easily meltable’. When the war began, they were among the first to join, claiming they were better than all races.